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Our advisory services are tailored to the context of each client, including characteristics such as targeted areas of social and/or environmental impact, financial risk, and financial returns sought by the client.

For asset owners (high-net worth individuals, family offices, foundations, and institutional investors):


  • Impact investing strategy in private markets: Sample engagements include developing or evaluating an impact thesis, investment thesis, program guidelines, and impact reporting approach in partnership with the client. Additionally, we conduct market scans to identify key actors, segments of activity, potential areas for partnerships, investment gaps, and investment opportunities.


  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and impact investing strategy across asset classes: We advise organizations on which ESG and impact investing tools can be applied to an organization’s portfolio across both private and public markets. Engagements may be broad or focused on a particular topic, such as climate change or diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”).

  • Impact investment diligence: We conduct impact investment diligence focused on private market fund managers. Impact investment diligence includes evaluating topics such as a fund’s investment strategy, impact thesis, process, team experience and track record.


  • Selection of a third-party investment manager: We advise organizations on selecting a permanent Advisor with ESG and impact investing capabilities for ongoing portfolio management.

  • Board training: We lead board trainings, such as providing education on the ESG and impact investing landscape and helping facilitate conversations to align stakeholders on a path forward.

For private market fund managers:


  • ESG integration strategy: We advise private market fund managers on how to integrate ESG into their funds (e.g., its strategy, investment diligence, post-investment engagement, investor relations, and client communication).

For companies:


  • ESG integration strategy: We advise companies on how to integrate ESG considerations into their business strategy, including the development of senior-executive and board training initiatives as well as collaborating with executive-search efforts to identify ESG leadership.​

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